Siemens Recognizes REtool as a Partner


We couldn't help but share this with you...

We are proud to have been featured on the Siemens blog!!  Their technical write-up on REtool was a sincere treat and we appreciate their partnership as REtool transforms the industry.  This article section explains some of the processes we go through when designing your custom tooling enjoy:

Using “Family of Parts” to quickly create variants

“Solid Edge is an excellent solution for creating cutting tool design. One of the capabilities we use extensively is ‘Family of Parts.’ This allows us to create a start part and then quickly create variants using an Excel spreadsheet to drive key dimensions of the cutting tool. It is easy-to-use but very powerful,” says Shayne. “Another key capability is the ability to pull in data from our customers that was created in different CAD formats. We ask our customers to supply us with a 3D model of their product whenever possible, and we develop our cutting tool solution based on this information. Solid Edge can directly open 3D models in formats such as STEP and Parasolid. We can create 2D sections of the models at key positions and use this data to accurately design the cutting tool.”

Check Out The Full Siemens Article Here!

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